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Photos Directions

Photographs for portraits busts:


Working from live sittings is always the preferred method for creating a portrait; however, I realize this is not always practical or possible. If you are submitting photos (rather than have me take them), please follow the next guidelines:



- Take the photos against a solid background (preferably white or light).


- Use a tripod to eliminate jiggles and blurry images. Some digital cameras have notoriously slow captures and it's easy to get fuzzy photos if something is not holding the camera perfectly still.


- Try to stand back about 10 feet and use the camera's zoom capabilities to come in close. This eliminates proportional distortion that occurs at close range.


- High resolution digital photos are preferred over 10 Megapixels. I can accept the incoming images as no more than 5Mb attachments per email (one per message). Another excellent option is to place the images on a CD and mail them to me.


- If possible, take a series photos in 1/8 incremental turns all around the head, one angled down on, and one angled up at the subject - 16 photos minimum. Please, follow the outline for the different angles. The more the better and additional sets at different eye levels are extremely helpful.


-  Please - no teeth. There is something genuinely creepy about a sculpture that has the mouth open or teeth showing. Just a pleasant, relaxed expression is best.