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Personal portrait bust are a very unique object in your life and usually a person has a portrait made only once in a lifetime. Busts could be commissioned to celebrate a special occasion such as a 50th birthday or a daughter's sweet sixteen or college graduation of a son. Bust can also be made to honor an ancestor who has a special place in your family history. Having a posthumous bust of a loved one is a way to remember her or him forever. Moreover, portrait busts can also be made as a gift for a spouse, child, parent or grandparent as well as, it can be made for animals, such as a pet dog or a horse. This kind of exclusive artwork will be an exciting experience and it will become a priceless treasure for you and your family.


Here are some steps to commissioning a personal portrait. It is my intention to produce a lasting work of art that reflects, in a very deep, the likeness of the person portrayed. In a way, you can consider this commission as an artwork that it’s going to accompany to you and your family for centuries.


I work from different combinations of live sittings, measurements, still photos. I always prefer to work from life.  It is easier to reveal the soul by direct interaction with the subject. When the portrait is being done posthumously or the subject is not available for sittings, I can work from photos only, and create a sculpture from piecemeal information, drawings or limited photographic records from different ages and poses.


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